Thursday, 3 May 2012

Tony ****ing Blackburn

I have never liked this man. and now his latest comment in the Radio Times has really done it.

"I actually think today's artists are better than those of yesteryear. The Beatles and The Stones just stood there with guitars and sang. These days people like Rihanna can sing, dance and do everything."

Except play an instrument...ahem.

How did this prick ever get a job as a DJ? he clearly knows nothing about music. Athough he's certainly got a face for radio.

Personally I think The Goodies had the right idea when they had him shot haha


  1. I honestly thought you liked him - regular Pick Of The Pops listener, and him dancing with Diddy for Let's Dance?

    I've just replied to you over on my blog about this. A bizarre and stupid comment from, well, someone who is and has always been bizarre and stupid!

    Mind you he has said it's fabricated. Not sure I believe that though

  2. PS One thing you could never level at Mick Jagger though - is that he just stood there! Ridiculous comment.

  3. Exactly! a stupid comment made by a stupid clapped out old has been.

    He was a right bitch about Pans People too...

    1. He said the same bitchy thing about PP in a book about Top Of The Pops I have - I forget the author, but it's a great fun read with lots of photos. They hit back moaning how the DJ's walked around thinking they were God's gift and being lewd towards them/trying to chat them up!