Saturday, 21 January 2012

Saturday again...

I warned you I'd be a rubbish blogger, a whole week gone by already and only one post in that time. As the old school reports used to say - Must try harder.

So anyway, it's been a pretty typical Saturday for me. Listened to Pick of the Pops on the radio, went down the town this afternoon and frivolously bought myself 3 almost identical hats in different colours (not that I do that every Saturday...) and now it's evening and it's wine and movie time.

Tonight, continuing my appreciation for the work of Ken Russell I'm going to watch 'Lisztomania' (come on, I can't be the only person who LOVES the inspired insanity of this film?)

Ringo Starr as a Bishop, Rick Wakeman as Thor pissing in the fireplace, Paul Nicholas as an evil Wagner and of course a half naked Roger Daltrey - what's not to like?


  1. It's quality not quantity ;)

    I caught the first half only of Pick Of The Pops, must catch on Listen Again, along with Sounds of the 60s (I'm never up early enough on Saturdays anymore) Sounds like you've had a nice eventful Saturday though, I've done bugger all!

    Love Lisztomania! OK it's not as serious as say The Music Lovers or Mahler (which weren't exactly po faced in themselves) but it is bloody hilarious and wacky whilst at the same time still strangely being genuine to Liszt in some way I feel.

    Just wish Ken would have done his version of Dracula (with Mick Fleetwood no less!) as those vampiric scenes between Daltrey and Nicholas show us what might have been

  2. PS Just found out Ken's Delius film is on BBC4 on Tuesday night too :)